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    I am Pixie - your guide in this journey. This land were invaded, creatures have turned bad and destroyed villages. Your biggest mission is to fight against monsters together with other heroes. Rise up to become the best hero out there. Pixie will help.
    First of all, you need to choose your character's class and size. Each class has its own strength and weaknesses. Sizes on the other hand, doesn't affect your strength. Example, Priest - have the ability of healing, the ability of relieving external shocks and been told to the forces of life regeneration.
    This is battle - where you fight off monsters. You can get experience, items, skills and glory shards after winning. Press hunting icon to start fighting monsters.

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    Hero in hero you can equip items and skills to style and strengthen your hero. Let's equip your hero with a good weapon to gain more strength. Let's hunt the monsters down and gain more gears. dle Fantasy RPG game set within the universe of Gloryworld. Gloryworld was a peaceful land, until a fateful day suddenly appeared the Uglers, Pettos turned evil from an unknown substance. These Uglers have invaded and destroyed the civilzations, and the Glorians must run away from their lands.
    You will be role-play as a Glorian awaken with power, you will team up with others powerful Glorian and go on adventures, fight the Uglers to get back your Gloryworld.

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