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    Finally we are ready to attack! Step by step, we will free our lands from the invasion. The control center is our main stronghold in the battle. It allows you to build towers and other objects. Don't let the zombies to destroy it. Our radars have detected a crowd of zombies approaching. It's time to get on the defensive! Build a tower in a suitable place. Now let's build a rocket tower. Each destroyed enemy gives 1 or more energy points. We need energy to build towers. Later you can increase the energy bank capacity. We need a mortar, let's build it near the bridge. The tower consists of a tower head and a base. We put the mortar on an improved base and this will increase its range. And finally fry them with high voltage.

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    Let's choose an amplifier base to make the tower even more powerful. It seems that their main forces are starting to attack. Accumulate energy and build towers to strengthen your defenses. You can improve towers by spending some energy. Each level of improvement will increase the tower head characteristics. In the upper panel you can see how much its properties will improve. You can upgrade the tower up to level 3.
    Great news! I managed to restore the blueprints of two tower heads of the second level. Let's upgrade a couple of our towers. The time until the next wave is displayed on top scale. You can get additional energy by forcing the next wave. Your energy bank is full. Later you can increase its capacity. For now use the energy to build towers.

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    Mortars shoot with preemption. If the enemy changes direction while the mine is flying, the hit may not be accurate. You will earn from 1 to 3 battle stars for completing missions or receive them as a reward for achievements.

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