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    Shards of the key of time are scattered across the world, inscribed with civilization. Far away on another continent, a new legend begins. THe young lord told everyone about the changes in the fantasy continent on the way. THis original peaceful place fell into the flames of war with the arrival of the mysterious man ' the void lord'. Let's face it, the demon king's minions will pay for their evil deeds. Elemental restraint affects the amount of damage your attacks deal. Use water element gems to attack wind type enemies, attack reduction, can only cause half damage. Now use fire elemental gem to attack the wind element enemy and attack enhance ment, which can cause double damage. You can always find this information on the left side of the screen.

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    EXP crystal mine - hero upgrade needs EXP crystals, EXP crystals can be obtained continuously from EXP crystal mine. Using this crystal, you can enhance the hero's ability. We got the original power that will bring peace to the continent. In order to deal with the omnipresent crisis, we must build the castle as soon as possible and accumulate the strength to fight back. The build cna be completed immediately with speed up item or using cheat codes.
    Join an alliance to immediately get 300 diamonds for free. An alliance will help you build and research faster. Alliance store, it holds a large number of rare items for you to choose. If you join the alliance before the castle reaches level 8, it will be automatically relocated to the alliance leader.

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