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    Through tou avatars, humans can freely explore the toy world. Just break the trap with the basic battle. The abandoned base? But i thought i set the coordinates of the avatar in Utopia? Anyway, let's get out of here. Get rid of these pesky monkeys. Here, a gift for you, Open it and see what's inside. A new avatar for battle. Great, let's try it out now.
    I'm Opal, and i'm a merchant. May i ask you to do me a favor? Tose monkeys have made this base their lair. Would you drive them away? I was looking for treasures. Ahem, i mean, i was passing by when the monkey king came out of nowhere. It snatched the battery for the gate and ran into the engineering passage. Just press the button and the passage will open. WHoa! There's monkeys even here! Let's see how your avatar fights.

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    You can switch between your equipped avatars at any time during the battle. DIfferent avatars have different skills. You can switch your avatar after casting skills. Each skill has a cooldown. Please use skills wisely! The monkey kings is hiding somewhere deeper. Let's move forward. Use skills of certain types to break the enemy's special shield. You can also configure your avatars based on their elemental type. You need to use wood type skills to break special shield. Your AI helper will help you during your exploration.
    By the way, tap map button on the upper right corner to open the map near here. The smile on the map is our present position, and the asterisk is utopia. Remember them and you won't get lost.

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