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    Vulcan - our war is both a retaliation of the persecuted and a history of judgment to the arrogant kingdom. Naiad, kneel before our wrath. Naiad - do not speak of justice with hegemony stained with violence and extortion. Vulcans, you have been consumed by greed. And it is us who will condemn you all.
    Greatsword - a berserker with a strong vitality who grows stronger as he fights. Shield - attacks enemies with a blunt weapon and a shield, and protects themselves and them allies. Dual blades - unleashes a quick attack with dual weapons. Knuckles - wears knuckles on both fists, and uses chi to attack enemies nonstop.
    Tap the attack button to target the nearest enemy. Use your skills to defeat the enemy. Hold down the skill button to keep attacking. Hold the button until the gauge is full for additional effects. Use your hold skill to defeat the enemy. You can change skills by selecting different weapons.

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    Equip your new weapon and fight on. Timing skills are more effective when used at the exact timing. Cast stronger skills by timing the circle closer to the white parameter. Tap the skill button again at the right timing. Click fast travel from map icons if you want to move to different locations.
    Familiars: Forest elemental Lumina - heals nearby party members 5 times and reduces the amount of damage taken. Ironclad shield knight Veliant - deals damage to enemies near the summoned area and increases the defense of party members. Cursed Doll Epigra - inflicts continuous damage to nearby enemies and reduces their ASPD.
    Pets are cute little creatures that provide various combat and profession buffs. Collect the same type of pet items to level up your pets. The higher the level, the more support you'll be able to get from your pets.

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    You acquired a new mount! When travling long distances, you can travel faster by riding on a mount. Equipping your mount not only makes you travel faster, but they also offer stats that help you out in combat. Feed them to increase their level, which will increase their register effect as well. In order to ride a mount, you have to first register it.
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