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    Curator, you are finally here. The friends are attacking our world tree. Come with me quickly. We will fight them off together. Drag snoggie to a tile. You can also tap to select snoggie, and then place it ona tile. Placing a hero costs energy. Energy balls will drop onto the battlefield over time. Please collect them in time, or they will disappear. Energy cost will increase as you place more identical heroes. You have collected enough energy to place the next hero. Keep fiends away from the world tree.
    THe Firefly can produce energy over time. Place it on the leftmost tile. Your Pillbug will stop the fiends from advancing to protect the heroes behind him. You should place him in the front to tank the damage for your Snoggie. Time is of the essence, so i look the liberty to recycle a hero for you. Now, place Stingar on the battlefield.

    We have to find a suitable spot to plant this Acorn, let's bury the rubber here. If you can grow it 6 times, this Acorn will grow into a new world tree. ANd while you are growing, you will also campaign skills as you go. Those skills can help you fight fiends. As long as you pass the 6 times, the rubber can grow into a new tree of the world. Magic strawberry - can be used for heroes, the heroes will release the potential of the outbreak after eating strawberries. It can be used once in each battle. But we have to find life essence before we can start growing the Acorn.

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    It is something that contains powerful life force. We will need it if we want this Acorn to quickly grow into a tree. And we have to get ourselves prepared if we want to find it. I've made a cultivation plan for you. Just follow the steps, and we should be able to find life essence. We can evolve heroes to unlock more campaign skills, thus making them more powerful. The ultimate of a snoggie is to shoot multiple super water bullets to the front. Use it when there are multiple friends on the same line to make the most out of it.

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    Buttlight - produces energy x50 every 25seconds. A support hero. You'd better place it on the left side of the battlefield.
    Pillbug - cannot attack but can block friends and protect heroes behind it. You'd better place it on the right side of the battlefield.
    Weevil - lobs a berry shell to attack fiends in the air or on the fron lane.
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