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    Excellent! The teleport worked! Alright we only have 3 minutes to grab that scrap from my fathers Tesla equipment. His technologies can be rebuilt and used against him. Now run back to the teleport quickly before you are spotted! Time is of the essence. Amazing work! Your reputation precedes you Locksmith! Now let's get you back to my head quarters.
    Welcome to Chigor's lab! He is helping us thwart my father's plans. Work with Chigor to turn whatever you find into valuable Gadgets. It's the only way to stop Dr. Madsky from taking over the world. Now we have some scrap let's activate the Tesla kit with it. Our first Gadget - the tesla boots. We can use this to dash around. Let's head back to the map room so we can plan our next mission. I;ve charted out everywhere Dr. Madsky has taken over so far. The most obvious place to start is whee he pays the least attention.

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    I spotted a gate when i was leaving. We can use those tesla boots to dash past it. Dash through the gate using the tesla boots you just acquired. Press the action button to get a boost of speed. I can see DNA and candy, we'll need those! This DNA will help us create monsters. We'll need to upgrade the Tesla boots further to make it through this one. Candy is a monsters favorite food. That's everything, come back to the head quarters and let's upgrade boots. So we can get through last door.
    That DMA allows us to hatch this egg i've been holding onto. Tap on it and we can add it to the lab board. Let's hatch it using that DNA. DNA is used for upgrading the creature in the future. It's a baby Seer. We can grow him with more DNA. Feed it the candy we found earlier. He spat out a coil! We need those to upgrade the boots. THis is a great find. keep getting candy and feeding it to the baby seer and we'll keep getting coil. Merge 3 similar items to create a new item.

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