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    The world fell apart. The ground was covered in radiation, turning itself to hell. Humanity hid into deep beneath the surface. Utilizing the world's most developed underground complex, an underground city was established.
    After completion of underground city sindorim, the city started to stabilize. The surface was renamed to hell. The fury of people left on hell, naturally turned into criminal activities. The government of underground city Sindorim, started to put bounties on criminals. To control the chaos on the surface.
    Please touch the start battle button. Place them in the field by touching the kiz icon. Start the battle by touching the button. They can use their ultimate when the rage gauge is full. Use the ultimate by touching the kiz icon.

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    Use the kiz's ultimate automatically. The obtainable reward increases by the idle time. You can increase the combat power of the kiz by equipping gear. Increase the base combat power by leveling up. Shall we try recruiting once with the recruit ticket provided in advance? Use password 6crcUUPNv.
    The kiz disappears if you part with them, and all the materials used for growth are returned. Materials that are usable at the shop are provided as a parting rewards. You can receive a parting momento that can be used in the shop when you part with the kiz. You can set it up so you can part with common grade kiz as soon as you obtain them. You can even reset the level of the hero that has already leveled up. You can reset the level of unit with diamonds and all the materials used to level up will be returned.

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