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    There are many amazing spirits live on the distant Land of Beta. And many opportunists are greedy about their value. They formed an organization called white heaven which hunted down Petmon. To fight those evil organizations, researches and trainers decide to set off forLand of Beta. A new journey begins. Dear researcher, for research works and investigation against evil forces, please go to land of beta and construct a research base as soon as possible.
    Our recent intel says, an evil organization named pure white heaven, is operating secretly on the island we are suspending above, their conspiracy must be defeated. But this island is covered by clouds, we must find a safe landing spot. It seems that these mini rats want to join us, but they are weak as low level fire spirits. We can use spirit synthesis to help them break their limit,grant them more strength. This spirit becomes stronger! Trainers can play their cards well if they have some powerful spirits.

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    This Shrieking beast is a super spirit, that means it has more strength than normal spirits, bring it back and train it as a guard of cloud tower. You can skip a battle, try to tap skip button. The enemies we encounter become much stronger, we should take them more seriously, it's a great option to stay here and start to synthesize Petmons. Constructions and spirits' level limit is decided by level of base technologies, and we can only increase level of technologies if we increase level of researcher.
    Gold chest - use to obtain certain amount of gold. Higher the production of a gold mine, more the amount of gold you obtain.

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