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    You have 3 Sora to cast skills. Drag Alex and cast vow sword. I will help you too. Hold and drag my avatar onto the field to deploy hero. Sora accumulates as the battle goes on, but don't forget, Sora is shared among all deployed heroes. The greenheads are all huddled up! Now's the perfect chance. Let's begin the overflowing process. Syella train can help us find more hero companions.
    Sigil is an ancient technology that can drastically increase hero attributes. Try equipping your partners with Sigils. The right sigil can help us deal with more unexpected situations. Great, you've activated the set bonus. Your power has increased significantly. Enhance sigils to increase their attributes. Sigils will get extra attributes bonuses as their level increases.

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    When casting an active skill, allies have a chance to trigger combo. COst 3 less Sora to cast. Quests - here's the record of our adventure. All the rewards for dealing with crisis will also be sent here. Tap to claim your adventure rewards.
    The boss will cast basic attack, active and passive skills, just like us. Tap details to check his active skill. The next enemy is very strong. Choose a suitable skill to buff your team. Tap camera to skip skill animations when using hero skills. However, you do have to watch them the first time around.

    - Pre-battle strategy: platoon troops, fetters bonus, counter strategies
    - Strategies in battle: seize the opportunity to release active skills and combo skills

    - Various daily missions and dungeons
    - Heroic quests and guild content
    - PVE mode to challenge more epic bosses
    - Challenge your limit and exceed yourself in the battlefield

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