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    Attacking enemies: tap inside the indicated area and drag to move the crosshair. Try moving the crosshair and shooting on your own. Did you see? raptures send attack signals before attacking. After the attack signals gather in the core of the rapture, they'll start to attack. If we take down the raptures before the attack signals stabilize, we can avoid being attacked. Shoot the enemy down now. Reloading - when a Nikko stops shooting or runs out of ammo, she will reload automatically. Target enemies: in your fight against raptures, you will encounter high ranking enemies that act as leaders. These are your targets. Defeat these targets to achieve victory.
    Commander, let's proceed to the rendezvous point. Touch the field to move. We've reached the rendezvous point. Tap start battle when you're ready. Taking cover: when a Nikke is not shooting, she will take cover. While taking cover, a Nikke is invulnerable to enemy fire. COver can be destroyed if it sustains too much damage, so be careful. Burst skills: as the battle progresses, your squad will enter burst mode, and burst skills will become available. Be sure to use your burst skills before burst more ends.

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    Changing Nikke - looks like there's a heavy concentration of raptures up ahead. That means it's time to bust out the rocket launcher. How about switching your controlled Nikke? Rocket launchers deal splash damage to enemies around the area of impact. Tap inside the indicated area, then drag to move the crosshair and attack. Weapons like rocket launchers or sniper rifles can be charged up before firing. Release your finger after aiming to unleash a charged shot. See the charge gauge to the right of the crosshair? The longer you change that gauge, the greater the damage will be.
    We've completed our mission. Let's check the mission rewards. This is the mission log. You'll find many missions here waiting for you. Completing these missions could land you some rewards. Missions are classified into daily, weekly, main and challenge. Each of these categories contains different types of missions. If you want to claim rewards from the campaign, select the main tab. Please select claim all to obtain all the rewards of story missions that you have completed. You may be compensated for competing missions, so don't forget to check on the missions tab once in a while to claim your rewards.

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    GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE hack menu & cheat code tips

    The campaign can be played on normal or hard difficulty. In the campaign, you will battle various enemies related to the story.
    Find lost relics from the past that are hidden all over the field.
    Every Nikke has their own unique burst skills. Each burst skills has different effects. Use them wisely to succeed in your mission. After using a burst 1 skill, we will advance to the burst ii stage. There are 3 burst stages in all. You can only use burst skills that match the current stage. Some Burst skills, like Anis', require you to drag and select the target area before they can be used. Using GODDESS OF VICTORY NIKKE cheat codes or a burst III skill at this stage will cause you to advance to full burst mode. Limites have been temporarily removed to greatly increase attack power.
    While in full burst, Nikkes will attack any target the commander instructs them to. Decimate your enemies with a barrage of gunfire.
    An ancient object once used by humans who lived on the surface. Definitely worth collecting. In this way, you can obtain various materials, collectable lost relics, or even BGM tracks on the battlefield. It's said that if you collect lost relics and BGM tracks, you'll receive rewards from the central government. You'd do well to pay attention to the surrounding areas while moving.
    The enemy is too far away. In this situation, using a Nikke with a sniper rifle is your best bet. Sniper rifles are good at aiming from long distance to hit enemy cores. Attacking an enemy's core deals more damage than attacking other body parts.
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