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    Hello, my name is Cheat-on, and i belong to the highest level of knights in the kingdom. We are always fighting against the forces of evil. Are you willing to help us face the forces of evil? Of course you are. A beautiful and busty elven woman is being attacked by rats i tried to save her, but i couldn't! You need to save her.
    Thank you, adventurer. If it weren't for you, i don't know what would become of that beautiful girl, in the last few days the kingdom has suffered several attacks. It seems that the monsters are being controlled by someone with a lot of magic power, we need to find out who is behind these attacks as soon as possible. Your fame is high, people are starting to follow you.

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    How did the guard let you walk into the city like that? I'm going to talk to my friend Godwin, maybe he has some spare armor for you. Now that you've reached level 10, it is time to become a swordsman. When you reach level 20 i will talk to you again.

    Success and Failure Events: Test your luck! After choosing an action, you still need to have the luck to complete it. Your chance is presented as four shuffled cards representing rates of success or failure.

    Learn Skills: Answer events in the right order and learn skills during your journey. You never know when you will find a Treasure Chest and will need to open it, right?

    Events with Side Effects: Beware with the side effects, those can be good or bad. A few events can cause side effects depending on your choices. You never know when you'll end up eating a blue mushroom by mistake, right?

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