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    Game story:
    Frank: Hey boss, we finally caught the kid!
    Harry Bridger: so you're the one that's been breaking into my safehouses.
    You: You can't prove anything, old man.
    Harry Bridger: maybe not, but maybe you can prove something to me. Hank, show the kid the ropes.
    Okey, so here's the plan: step #1 assemble the team, step #2 find the equipment, step #3raise funds. First we need to find 'hotwire'. You've discovered the crew square! Hire crew to help you in your master plan. So let's see what 'hotwire' can do! Roll the dice and let's try and land on the steal square to earn some more coins. To beat this challenge you need to roll an 8 or higher. You can drag a card to the slot to lower the number you need to roll. Use coins to upgrade your crew. Hero menu - here you can see which of your crew's stats will be improved by upgrading. Tap the upgrade button to spend some coins on upgrading crew member.

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    Land on crew spaces to recruit your team. Land on task spaces to collect equipment. Because you upgraded 'hotwire', she now has a tech skill of 3, which will reduce any tech obstacles by 3 when you use her. Complete all tasks to prepare for the heist. And that's how you started working with Harry Bridger. The police have arrived! Watch out for the police patrol. Looks like you don't have the coin for boss, want me to use your diamonds to cover the short fail? Use password lg8wRnX3Sa.
    Roll dice to move around your board, grabbing coins as you go!
    - Upgrade your crew and build the ultimate team!
    - Find and use valuable equipment to execute cunning plans!
    - Unlock boards from around the world with new and exciting features!

    If you like board games then The Heist is just for you. Roll the dice to move around your board to recruit and upgrade your crew, complete tasks, evade the cops and steal incredible loot!

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