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    The map is inaccurate. Clearly, the work of an amateur: some scribbles instead of a map. Look, fortifications over there, on the ledge. Hmmm...i can't tell who made them. I don't see any banners. If there's a camp, there are people. Let's cross the bridge and ask for directions. Tap to interact with the selected object. Interacting with objects consumes energy. Get moving, we need to clear the road. The imperials are already here. Tap to start preparing for battle. Tap to select a mercenary. Tap to place the selected mercenary in the arena. Move the spell icon under the enemy to cast it. Tap to open the chest and claim your rewards.
    We were directed to a tavern further up the trail. From there, they promised to get us to the trade union. I've heard the Six fingers guild used to do this sort of work. I was in their group until we were attacked by bandits. Luckily, i was walking last, and a rockslide cut me off from the attackers. Look, there's a guide among the refugees who knows the way. He'll take you, too, if you hel him.

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    We can manage on our own! The more it looks like a trap. We've lost enough time. We need a guide. Lead the way! We need to explore the surroundings and find this camp if we want to help the hostages. I wouldn't waste my time on it, though. The refugees were on their way to the tavern, which means they can show us the way.

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    - Enjoy the fascinating STORY behind the RPG gameplay!

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