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    Top area represents the opponent's next move. Use a defence card to get block to stay alive. Active area - drag the card onto this area to use it. Once you wish to complete your turn, press the end turn button. Use a skill to gain 1 mana by discarding 1 card. Choose a card to discard > confirm. You've got the basics, now let's start the exciting adventures. Tap to select campaign mode. Practice at the training camp before you go any further. Complete quests to get rewards. Choose the character you want to transform into the start the adventure. Use your cards to defeat enemies along the way.
    Mana - the most basic resource for playing cards. At start of your turn, mana is refilled. Excess cannot be reserved. Magical damage - a damage type. Effectively reduced by magical resistance. Block - block all damage type except pierce damage. At start of your turn, lose all block.

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    Streak - have played at least 3 cards this turn. Consume - once activated, this card is removed until the ened of combat.
    On your journey, in addition to the battles, you might also encounter 'interesting' events. Trap: you have stepped on a trap left by a hunter. But this is not the end, you can use your agility to avoid it. Toss a dice to decide the result:
    - 1 or 6: you avoided the trap without a scratch.
    - otherwise: you failed to avoid the trap, add a bleed card(s) to your deck.
    Anything on the screen that you do not understand, just tap on it for more information. Coins dropped from defeated opponents will be very useful. You can gt anything with enough coins. Enhancing will increase characters' attributes and unlock passive skills at certain milestones. Use shards to enhance characters. With each level of enhancement, character will gain a stat increase. When the character raches level 20, a new passive skill will be unlocked. The maximum enhance level depends on the character's amount of stars.

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