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    So you're the new commander? Good to see you! Now it's time for battle practice. Try tapping the indicated area. The enemy approaches! Move your champion to lure the enemies. Now try summoning allied units and attack your opponent's tower. Let's try attacking the enemy towers with our summoned unit. Can you see how the card deploy range extended? Try summoning allied units in your opponent's area and destroy their tower. Destroy all towers to achieve victory. Now is a great opportunity, commander. Tap the enemy champion to attack. Earn 1 point by eliminating an enemy champion. Even if you cannot destroy towers, you can still achieve victory by eliminating the enemy champion 3 times.
    An enemy has been summoned up ahead. Select your champion and move her. Retreat to protect your champion. Use everything you've learned so far, as commander, to destroy the remaning towers yourself.

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    Units that inflict area damage are effective when dealing with multiple enemies. Achieving victory in a battle rewards you with a chest. Tap the chest. Use pass DAcr86rRnm to activate the season pass and unseal the next chest automatically. You can unseal the chest, or open it right away with rubies. You will need to enhance your cards to get stronger. Each unit in the deck is important but champions, who are controllable, play the largest role in winning the game.
    Let's take a closer look at champion. Tap the champion Leon, who you just acquired. Leon can use AoE abilities to eliminate several enemies at once. All champions come with their own specialties for you to mix and match to create a variety of different decks. Card, gold, and stars are required to enhance champions.

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    The Lancer inflicts huge damage by a rush attack which deals are damage.

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