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    947 AD. Because the general betrayed the enemy, the later capital of Jin Dynasty, Bianjing, broke itself without attacking, and the life and death of Shi CHonggui, the emperor, was uncertain. Fortunately, the general SHi CHi took out the emperor's young son to fight through the siege and survived the disaster.
    Doctor Wang explained to me that the agave is on the Qixian Mountain, but i have searched all over the place, and i can't even see the shadow of the agave. It looks like i have to go to the top of the mountain to find it. it's getting late, you have to hurry up. Uncle Shi CHi is waiting for herbal medicine to save his life. The village chief said that the more you go up the mountain, the more wild boars. It seems to be true, but this little wild boar can't stop me.

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    As you fight various monsters and enemies, you will pick up a ton of gears. Some gears are green, others and purple, and others are even more useless than the green ones. You are going to pick up a ton of gears, and you can’t really do anything about it.

    The disadvantages of the game are absolutely standard: a lot of advertising, lack of game resources, the difficulty of opening some elements and much more. Eternal Legend passwords will solve all problems, remove ads, give a lot of money (resources) and much more. Below you can see a list of working pass that provide excellent benefits.

    Remember! If you defeat the Boss, Boss's Level will increase the next day. Otherwise the Boss's Level will decrease the next day. Silver Boost 10% at most gold boost 50% at most.
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    "Eternal Legend" is a new half-turn-based RPG mobile game that combines history and martial arts. The hearty plot will take you to feel the golden iron horse in the smoke of gunpowder; the endless love will take you to experience the tenderness in the chaotic world; the ups and downs of the story will take you to appreciate the variable arrangements in the dark. How to choose between family, friendship and love?
    The righteousness of the nation, prosperity and wealth, and the common people in the world, how should we choose?

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    The Lancer inflicts huge damage by a rush attack which deals are damage.

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