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    Gomorra killed manager that used to control your block. Can you handle it? Our soldiers are ready to take this block. Soldiers will automatically attack, you can focus on use talent. Consume energy and use talents to defeat enemies. You can gain more energy by fighting. Equip a talent weapon to help you win battles. CLick the talent icon to unlock. Choose a mob camp. Mob camp - training thugs by strengthening physical strength. Luba camp - through proficient driving training. Let us show them how baffling we can be in our own defense. Take Bill to crush busters they have hired. Click Bill to send him to lead the battle. The neutral zone will be our territory after capture. We need more strength to fight back, build a mob camp to train new soldiers. Use legend file - chance to acquire elite capo (every 10 times you open it, you will get the elite capo or its shards).

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    Remember, the capo level cannot be greater than the player level. Portable MG - easy to carry machine gun with low damage. Individual rocket - a rocket launcher that is easy to carry around and does less damage. Different professions restrain each other, use them wisely to win. A neutral area - attacking and occupying the neutral area can provide us with more mercenaries and weapons. Level is a symbol of player strength. Upgrade buildings, increase capo level to gain player experience to increase player.

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