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    One day in a peaceful kingdom...The attack of monsters has begun. As the legendary Red dragon resurrected the seal that has kept in the monsters had broken. THe only weapon that can seal the Red dragon back in are the mythical and legendary bow and arrow. To restore peace in the kingdom the brave archers' adventure begins.
    On the way to hunt monsters...You look a little lost and i'm here to help. As you progress, through the game you can quickly become stronger just by completing the guide quests. Now, let's proceed with the guide quest. Than receive guide quest completion reward.
    Let me tell you about super arrow's unique feature, the skill combo system. Skills can be used by combining main skill, used for firing, and sub skill, for various bonus effects. First, shall we equip a main skill, the fire bomb? Fire bomb - arrow shot upon enemy hit causes fire explosion. Deals powerful fire DMG.

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    Multi projectile - increases number of projectiles for arrows, MGC and shards. Slightly decreases DMG of linked skills. The sub skill normal multi projectile has the effect of increasing the number of arrows to 3 for the linked main skill. It is up to you to choose which main skill to link with. Now, shall we decide the slot location to be installed in? Continue linking main and sub skills this way to create your own unique skill combo set. Combing 150 skills results in over 10 billion diffrent combos. I look forward to your own best skill combo! In case you need help with the skill system, refer to skill guide in the top menu. Now, let's continue hunting monsters.
    It's now time to challenge a new stage. When power increases, higher stages can be unlocked and accessed. Try to increase power to unlock higher stages, as a diamond reward is given for each unlocked stage. However, relying too much on your power stat may get you in trouble with the monsters, so it is better to venture on to stages with appropriate difficulty. You'll be fine on your own. But in case you don't find know what to dom make good use of guide quest.

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