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    Holy knight - a paladin who protects his allies by cutting down enemies with a great sword. Assassin - a melee assassin who kills enemies faster than anyone else. Mage - a ranged wizard who uses elements to subdue enemies. A ranged striker who uses powerful bombs are various potions. Warrior - a melee tank that uses a shield to block enemy attacks.
    You just woke up. The last returnee from a dream. It's been three years. Everyone has been waiting for you. If you've come to your senses, go outside and meet a mage named Ram. We are still researching the nightmare of the black mist you've been dreaming of for three years. If the results are revealed, we will be able to understand the reason for the existence of you returnees. Until then, i want you to relive the experiences of your past dreams, and join us in the mission of the survival of our principality.

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    Honor points are used to purchase items in the honor shop. Purchase various items in the honor shop with the honor points obtained in PvP. Bosses in the PvP field are difficult to deal with alone, so join forces with your colleagues.
    Go to the guardian menu and press the use button of the guardian you receive and you're done. A special presence in adventures. Let's take a look at the charming guardian. Guardians grow with the power of other guardians, and with the power of the same grade guardian. You can grow more special guardians. A grow guardian continuously lends power while active, and based on the active guardian for a certain period of time it also gives more special power. Grow of a guardian is achieved by consuming other guardians to level up. Select the guardian you want to consume and press the grow button at the bottom to increase the guardian's level.

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