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    After hiring Cali and Wallace, Ella and the team have embarked on a journey to find Ella's lost item. Despite their expectation of easy progress, the item has fallen into the hands of greedy Goblins. Tap character icons to use their active skills. You can select other heroes for chain skills regardless of deployed party members. You can check the status of the chain skills at the bottom. Use active skills to activate chain skills. Chain skills can be used by dragging from right to left.
    Summon - here you can summon heroes who can help you. And remember, even for the same heroes, their stats can be different. Summon heroes often and meet the ones with high stats. Summon heroes and rank them up. Available heroes are found on your heroes list. Heroes on the list can be deployed in the party. Undeployed heroes in the party can also be selected as chain strikers. You can deploy heroes easily by tapping the auto form button.

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    Various attributes can be configured for each Ethereal. Once you select the attributes you like, tap save to activate them. Saved attributes will take effect in all battle content. Auto battle is available as the related Ethereal attribute has been unlocked. Activate the button to use skills automatically.
    Check each quest type. For main quests, preceding quests should be cleared first to take on the next one.
    Special bonus event: get items according to the amount of premium gems used. This event is a premium gem exclusive event. Premium gems consumed to participate in this event are not eligible for a refund. This event will disappear from the event tab once the event period ends. Please check notice > event banner for more information.
    If you Disassemble unused gear, you can earn materials to enhance and craft gear. Based on each inscription level and type, enhanced stats and their required runes vary. If you have enough materials, you can enhance inscription by tapping the enhance button. Once you enhance all 5 inscription types, you can enchant them. Don't forget to enhance and enchant inscriptions if you want your friend to grow stronger.

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