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    Once upon a time, a group of primitive people lived on an unnamed island in the sea of Origin. Till one day. A ferocious tribe of wildlings suddenly invaded the village and stole all the food, wood, and stone tools. The warriors have been ready for a long time. We mist recapture our belongings. There is not much food left on the ship. This is our last chance. The enemy must be stopped on the shore. This land has long been occupied by savages. The towers ahead are the prophet tower, built by the great Odysseus. Capture it or there will be dire consequences. Capture all the prophet towers to defeat the savages. There are more savages hiding in other towers.

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    TO upgrade or build a building, you need to dispatch workers first, and increasing the number of workers will reduce the working time. Jungle exploration, a favorite of mine. If we are lucky, we can find the treasure of divine dragon. And remember, you can send 2 lanes when prophet tower reaches level 10. The rebellious prophet tower is very powerful. You must upgrade the hall of clan to improve your strength in order to continue the challenge. You can challenge the levels in the prophet tower and complete with global players to rank and get great rewards. Infantries battalion is where you train infantries (also shielders and barbarians), upgrading it allows you to unlock more advanced infantries units.

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