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    Get in some practice swings on the dummies and learn to time your melee combo attacks. Try crouching as you approach the archer to avoid being struck by his arrows. Crouching is also useful to find hidden areas. Try performing a double jump to avoid the water. You can also traverse trough the water but don;t stay in there too long. Break open the vases up ahead for rewards and riches. Coins and gems can be used in the store to unlock upgrades. You will need to perform a wall jump to reach the upper ledge. Black banners trigger a checkpoint. When yu die you will respawn at your last active checkpoint. Be sure to explore each location for hidden areas. Hidden areas may contain loot, power ups, chest keys, switches and kidnapped children. Crouch and press the jump button to descend through bridges. You can also swipe down on the screen on touch enabled devices.

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    Press the up arrow key to ascend up ladders and the down arrow key to descend down ladders. You can push the boulder up ahead to smash through the next wall or use your weapons to smash the stones.
    Game story: Xiaolang is a young and brave warrior called upon by the people of the east to defend their honor and rescue their children from the grips of the dark shadow lurking upon their lands. Possessing the mystical power of fire, Xiaolang sets out to embark on a perilous quest full of dangerous enemies, deadly traps and hidden secrets to hunt down the shadow and restore peace to the people of the orient.

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