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    Game characters:
    Kina isa summoner with a healing ability. She was asked by the Rahil guards to join them as an apprentice due to her special healing technique. She's the pride of the Rahil magic school. Battle style: Heals or empowers allies, using various passive effects to ensure her allies' survival.
    Orbia graduated from the Rahil magic school with honors. She's an extraordinary summoner who can use various types of magic. I have no doubt that she'll excel in the Rahil guards. Battle style: performs powerful ranged attacks in different variations and fights the enemy using offensive passive effects.
    Cleaf is a summoner with an exceptional ability to protect his allies. He has a strong will to protect the other and is an essential talent. Battle style: charges into the enemy lines to concentrate their attacks on itself and uses defensive passive effects to protect his allies.

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    Controls: you can switch the camera direction by tapping the screen and swiping in the direction you want to see. Big wave deals damage to enemies within the area, recover HP of allies within the area and increases their CRIT rate if they have ATK SPD UP. Tap the attack button to attack the enemy. Path of adventure is where you can challenge the dungeons faced in the story again. You can obtain different types of runes from each dungeon.

    Arena - is a place where you can compete with other guards for strength and ability. You first need to register a defense team in order to participate in the challenge arena. Go to manage team and choose the monsters to fight with you. You can fight with 3 monsters in the arena as well. Select the auto place button, and the monsters with the highest battle power will be automatically added to the defense team. When you select register, your defense team will be register on the challenge arena and receive challenges from other guards.

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    Better monster pieces can be obtained as the difficulty of path of training increases.
    Materials for equipment and outfits can sometimes be obtained from path of training.
    Runes obtained from path of adventure can make your monsters stronger.
    Brath of life code - LpjdB4NhOA. A marble that contains the pure energy of a sprouting plant. The energy is ideal for monster evolution and awakening. You can exchange it for monster pieces at the piece.
    On the equipment icon, the stat represents the weapon's star grade, and the background color represents its rarity.
    You get a skill point whenever a summoner level up or using cheat SWUF1leDGO
    Remember, defeated monsters will revive when you enter a village or a city. Monsters can be equipped with runes.
    Quick battle is available when your battle PWR is greatly higher than your opponent's in challenge arena.

    Reach for the very top floor of Trial of ascension. The tower will reset over time, allowing you to start again from the 1st floor. Coins acquired from trial of Ascension are used to upgrade the power of ascensions. Stat will increase when you upgrade the power of ascensions. You can enter a special room if you keep challenging. Did you know that there are secret rooms hidden in trial of ascension?
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    New guards belong to Rahil academy guild. They can experience various activities in advance. Get contribution points with your guild members and get rewarded every day. The guild ranking will go up with more contribution points you get. Complete guild daily requests from request office and level up. You'll receive high rank requests if you level up your request office. Spin the wheel of fortune every day and get free rewards.
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