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    Greetings, new player, and welcome to the wondrous world of the Hive. Here, you will find state of the art entertainment, any thrills a cyber world can offer and fight many foes in search of hive's secrets. Encapsulated in bustling districts, and partially owned by the world's most powerful corporations, the hive is the only place to satisfy your every need including your thirst for violence. Before we begin, you'll need to learn the basics of combat ina lengthy.
    Inventory - where you'll store weapons, armor, and other valuable stuff you find here. Cyberconstruct - your essence in the cyber world. Change the class of your cyberconstruct by equipping a weapon specific to this class. Now remember, you have to find and upgrade your equipment. Armor is really important if you want to get anywhere in the hive.
    Battle: turn order will be decided by your and your opponent's initiative. High initiative increases the chance of your starting first. Select and activate protocols in the bottom panel to start combat. To complete a turn, we need to activate 3 protocols each time.

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    The deck editor - where you'll edit protocol decks. A defense weakening protocol is in your hand, time to use it. The enemy has jokes applied, which make him more vulnerable. Don't let the opponent remove Jokes. The next attack's damage will be boosted by Jokes, time to go all out. Use punch line - this attack allows you to damage the enemy over time. let's finish with an attack protocol, boosted by a series of attacks.
    So save your cards - they'll expand your combat capabilities. Collect enough and you'll be able to climb to the top of the Hive tower. Even though your current set is as good as the tower fighters' protocols, there's always room to grow. Now, here's something special - if you want to get better cards and combat suits, like this one, you'll have to do a little work for me or use cheat codes. Do a job here and there. Every day i'll give out certain tasks and in a couple of weeks you'll gain not only state of the art equipment, but some real combat experience as well.

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