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    Oh, Peredur, my dear friend. Though we killed the gods of this land, we have still been met with failure. How could this be? Do we lack power? No. We are mighty enough to kill gods. But we need more. A more perfect plan, a more perfect strategy, and a more perfect king. A king! Formidable and dauntless. A king! Worthy of leading all of mankind. And every hero on earth. Then, we must make a new start. It will be in Britain, a land bereft of gods. That the history of man will begin.
    So, to the future king, until then...Tap the adventure button to enter the world map. THis is a reconnaissance mission, so we should avoid engagement as much as possible. Still, be prepared for the worst. We must first secure the passageways. let's start by scouting out the enemy lines. Tap the quest panel to automatically move to the destination.

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    Battle: select an attack skill to view its element compatibility. Select the elemental advantage and attack the enemy.
    Tap the hero button to view and manage all your owned heroes. Tap the hero management button to use the memory essence you obtained in battle. Use the memory essence you obtained as a battle reward. Using active skills requires vigor. Strategically skip turns to recover vigor. Your allies' Vigor has been replenished thanks to Joseph's sacrifice! Double tap the skill icon to automatically find and select a target to use it on. Defeat enemies to recover additional Vigor. Use the recovered Vigor to wield powerful skills.
    Use password to: normal summon - "common - epic" summon. Summoning may produce heroes or 'flame, frost, or storm' relic shards. Special summon - "rare - legendary" summon! Summoning may produce legendary heroes. If you want to learn more about your summoned heroes, view their hero info. In hero management, you cna power up the heroes in your possession or view their info.

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    Now it's time to unlock the knight training camp and the market. Unlock these buildings before reembarking on your adventure.

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