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    Our wonderful inventions will change the way we live and lead humankind into a new area. Our beautiful songs and stories, our impregnable fortress tremendous seas of information. We must preserve it all for our descendants. But without you, excellency... our enemies would take it from us, and we would all fade away, forgotten. Excellency, will you guide us into a bright and noble future? You have taken the first step to a great civilization. Create your own civilization with powerful great people.
    Provide homes for your loyal citizens. A city of our own! Under your leadership, i am sure it will grow into something amazing. We need resources to develop our city. Why not scout the area for them? Clay can help hold bricks and stones together for strong, sturdy buildings. Shall we use some to construct a farm? We can grow food on a farm. Our citizens deserve fine, nutritious meals for all their hard work.

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    Many citizens have taken shelter from the barbarian attack in the city hall. We have to put out the fire before it reaches them. You must reinforce the city hall to help defend against external threats. You can use clay to upgrade the city hall. You need a powerful general to rescue the citizens and defend the city from barbarians. Please choose a great general to lead your troops and bravely fight the enemy for our civilization. Than we need a place to train our forces. Construct the barracks, and train your warriors. Barracks - a building that trains infantry. As this building's level increases, new infantry types will be unlocked. We are finally ready to fight. Scout through the fog to find the barbarians, and rescue the captive citizens. Higher level storage can protect more resources from enemy attacks. The barbarians we defeated were only part of a much great horde. We must stay vigilant, and scout our surroundings with care and caution. There are many dangers beyond our borders. Please recruit more generals and bolster our defenses.

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    With so many new people coming in from all over, many of them have trouble communicating with each other. If they don't communicate with each other, they'll fight over the smallest things. Use research and study them.
    Build monument - a building where you can recruit a great person or obtain equipment.
    We believe there are countless relics lying dormant all over the world. All they need is a great leader to bring them into the light. If fortunes smiles, you might acquire an incredible treasure, a masterpiece of technology that can advance our civilization to the next level.

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