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    Hello, is this your first time in the arena? I'm Cheat-on, the reporter and arena guide. I've prepared some simple training exercises for you before the main event. Start off by moving left to right. Try moving the directional keys on the bottom left of the scree. The fighter will move left and right. Let's try attacking the opponent. Press the combo attack button repeatedly to attack the opponent. You can perform flashy attacks with just your combo attack! This time, let's use an active skill to attack the enemy. Click the icon for each skill to use the active skill assigned to the button. Do you see the gauge below your HP bar that is blinking yellow? Your PG has been charged because you used combo attacks and active skills. PG can be charged up to 5 bars by performing combo attacks and skill attacks. You can use PG to use more powerful skills. Let's use 3 bars of PG to use a finisher. Tap the finisher button below to use a finisher.

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    THis time, let's use the ultimate skill. The ultimate skill consumes all 5 PG, but is incredibly powerful. It cna be hard to charge PG because it's tempting to spend it, but if you save enough, you can use ultimate skills, which are guaranteed to land against your opponent and may turn the tide of battle. Flashy techniques like that are what fighting is all about. But you won't always be on the offensive.
    First, let's take a look at Guard. When you're about to be attacked, enter the movement command opposite of where the enemy is to automatically guard. This time, let's find out how to dodge an opponent's attack. When a movement key and the dodge button are pressed together, roll towards the direction of the movement command and evade all of the opponent attacks except grabs. Dodge can be used even while being attacked. That technique is called emergency dodge, but once it's used, it'll be put on a cooldown. Therefore, the timing of emergency dodge uses are very importat. Tap the roll button while being attacked by enemies to use emergency dodge.

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    To use escape, you need 1 PG. Escape can be used to break out of a situation where you'e being attacked by an enemy, but you'll need to be careful with using it because it will also push nearby enemies back. Tap the escape button when you're being attacked by an enemy. If you ever feel the need to wam up more, go to the game mode selection screen and select practice mode.
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