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    Click on the book to enter the adventure mode. Click the level button to open the level details interface. Click on the cat's avatar to quickly replace the deploy cat. Click the start button to enter the level. Click on the blank plot indicated by cat's claw and place lala meow. Click on the position indicated by the cat's paw, upgrade the cat's weapon. The cat will automatic attack the monsters who nearest to lucky cat, and don't need your orders. Click on the cat cage pointed by the cat's paw to destroy it. Kitten girl meow - deals da,age to a single enemy with a 70% slowdown.
    There are many types of level tasks. Some tasks have a limited time. Complete the tasks and pass the level to get diamond rewards. Complete all tasks to get stars trophies. Complete each level task will earn many diamonds which are used to buy game props. Click the task card to view details.

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    Time limited level: within the specified time, kill all monsters to win. The number at the top of the interface is the countdown, the progress bar represent the total HP of the monster, and the background color of the number represents the level score. Extreme players will use the pause function to save time making cats. A single cat can cause high damage to a single monster and scene. Range cats will damage all monsters and scenes around the target. Slow - when the slow cat attacks a monster, it can greatly slow down the movement speed of the enemy. Melee - can attack multi monsters within range at the same time. Infect - when cats attack, they will stack toxins that cause continuous damage. Penetrating cats can penetrate monsters and scenes to attack all targets in a straight line. Money cats can get meow coins from enemy when they attack monsters.

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