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    The dark forces broke the seal, and the land of Ilrath was devastated. The gods chose you to save a world on the verge of collapse. The altar of the gods suddenly burst into a colorful light that shot up to the sky and illuminated the whole city. After the strong light passed, you wee found lying on the altar. With the grradual appearance of a demonic aura on the continent, the Demon Lord's seal was loosened, and strange phenomena appeared on the altar of the gods. I believe that you are the chosen one. The road ahead is harsh and dangerous, you need the help of the heroes on the continent, go recruit them now. CLick heroes camp to start recruiting your adventure partners. Gnome stores in the castle often have discounted items for sale. Don't miss it. With the advanced recruit ticket, we can continue to go to the heroes camp to recruit heroes. This time we can use the advanced recruiting or cheat codes.

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    In addition to recruit with a recruit ticket, there is also a chance to recruit for free once a day. Don't miss it. Your strength has increased greatly, let's continue the adventure. Every once in a while, a certain amount of idle rewards will be accumulated. The more you pass, the greater the idle rewards. Offline can also get idle rewards! Remember to get the reward in time.
    Now let's upgrade the level of the heroes and enhance the strength of our adventure team. Use password ldekerDwo. Not satisfied with the recruit result? Don't worry, we offer 1000 recruit opportunities. You can choose the favorite result from 3 in 1000 times recruitment.

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