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    To develop the building, select the palace in the center of the kingdom. No Kingdom can be developed without leveling up the palace. Palace - use a hero to increase the building development rate. Point bonus - the INT of your hero will affect the development bonus. Be sure to claim your quest completion rewards. The farm can be leveled up at the land office of the Kingdom. The production volume of the kingdom will increase as the farm levels up. Food is mainly used for the production and healing of troops but is also used as a resource to upgrade certain buildings. More gold, food, and metal resources cna be gained as the land office level goes up.
    The resources produced in the kingdom are stored in the warehouse. But be very careful it doesn't get too full because the resources will be automatically discarded when the number of stored resources has reached the limit. More resources can be stored when the warehouse levels up.

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    Use cheat codes and upgrade your barracks. The barracks are where infantry units can be trained to defend or attack other kingdoms. Units are divided into 3 major types: infantry, archery, and mage. Each hero can command 1 of these 3 types.
    The mood of the tavern is one of the key factors in recruiting higher rank heroes. Before hiring a hero, you can spend your gold to treat your quests and improve the mood inside the tavern. Recruit heroes who have visited the tavern. The chance to recruit the heroes on the list will increase, but it is not guaranteed. The mood will increase when you treat everyone at the tavern to food and drink. As the atmosphere of the tavern increases, the chance of recruiting better heroes will also go up.
    You must first unlock the portal in order to go outside of the kingdom. The portal will only appear after the shooting range and the mage tower ae developed. Start by leveling up the shooting range. The portal is a gateway that is connected to the world outside the kingdom. As the level of the portal goes up, the number of units that individual heroes can command will increase.

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