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    Tamia's best hunter, excellent archery skill, good at concealing and using poison. Warrior of steel - a senior member of the mercenary union, can manipulate lighting and fire. Mage - daughter of Tamian priest adept at elemental power. Good at using the power to strike enemies. I'm the guardian that defeated evil a millennia ago. However i was forced into slumber as a result. Tap the pack button to equip your weapons and Torsos. Elemental pets boosts its corresponding elemental skill DMG. The elemental of the skill can be modified using elemental runes. Auto sell useless equipment through the setting to make room for more precious resources. Go to the battle and tap on the setting button to customize your settings. Equipment has class restrictions that can be identified by the top left icon of the equipment.

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    Enhancing your equipment is a fast way to increase your power. Enhanced Equipment parts can increase proficiency even when the item is unequipped. Go to castle furnace and tap on enhance. Both equipment and its enhancements will raise your power. Equip higher level gears and raise your power to 950. Use castle furnace and raise your power through equip enhance. Higher level map has better EXP rates. Tap on the castle gift button and claim the gift inside the gift level up bonus for excellent rewards. Use gift voucher or get intruder's pack for double rewards. Click on pack and then sell to sell your useless equipments. Watch out for the option to sell current class equipment and not sell your gear in mistake. Each boss has a refresh timer and can be viewed by tapping on the boss button on the bottom right corner.

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    Blacksmith - with every reset, there will be 3 gears appropriate to your level and a chance at a legend equipment. These can be exchanged by essence. Identify your gear 1 time at the identifier in the castle. Only legend and uber equipment requires identification. Going to higher level maps will increase EXP rewards. Legend and uber gear has a chance to grant legen attributes.
    Pets are received from identifying pet eggs, which are acquired from the lost continent. Up to 2 pets can be active at the same time. Active pets will share their attributes with you. There are 10 pet types: def, guard, hit, petrify, respawn, invi, flame, frost, lightning and venom. Flame, frost, lightning and venom pets will boost ele dmg respectively to their own.

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