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    Night has already fallen. As you can see, we can't neglect our guard duty. After all, the prisoner in that wagon is a pretty significant figure. So, it would be appreciated if you could take care of our friend over there. You can't win every fight with your fist. There are skills required in fights. It's time to learn a skill. Follow my instruction. Select the skill menu. Choose adventure combat stomp. Add the skill you want to use to the skill slot. To use the skill, go to the main screen. Yes, this is all you have to do to equip a skill.
    For a smooth journey, you have to use items at will. Select inventory menu. Select the item you want to set. Now select the quickbat slot you want to set. You can also make these items automatically used whenever you need them. You can turn on/off automatic use by touching on/off button. Skills can also be turned on/off automatically like potions.
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    Many difficulties and adversity await in the future. In order to overcome it, you too must become stronger. You can upgrade slots at once by the number you increased. Equipment slots have been enhanced by one level, The maximum enhancement level is equal to your base level. And remember, effects are only applied when the item is equipped. Use the acolyte - is a character who assists allies in battle using their devotion. A two handed weapon mainly used by Acolytes.
    Every job and every goal requires different skills. It is up to you to choose which of these stats you want to increase. I will teach you how to increase status. In the character information, you can see information such as guild and cooking proficiency. You can view the current stat status and raise the stat. Stat points are added each time you increase your base level. You can raise your stats by clicking the + button to the right of the stats. If you press the - button or press the revert button, you can reset the stat that you raised this time. That's enough explanation. May we defeat more enemies and stronger beings in the future.

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