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    Press journal any time to review objectives and resources. Press R1 to light attack, R2 for heavy attack. Double tap 0 while moving to roll. Find health stones to restore Kratos' health. Right before an attack hits TAP L1 to parry. Sprint off a ledge - press R1 while in the air. Remember, attacks with yellow rings cause block break, leaving Kratos vulnerable to damage. Attack with red rings are unblockable, dealing damage through the guard. Health will automatically regenerate a small amount after a fight if Kratos is critically hurt.
    Gear up: armor and equipment improve stats like defense to help Kratos survive, and strength to do more damage. Equip gear before heading out. Press X to view chest armor. Select a new armor piece then press X code to equip it. With Krato's stats increased, it is time to customize the Leviathan Axe. Press L2 GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK cheat to navigate to the weapons menu. Than select the axe attachment slot. Press X to equip an axe attachment. Attachments provide stat increases or Perks with a chance to activate combat boosts. Equipping items improves Stats and can unlock new abilities.

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    Some enemies resist the Leviathan axe. Burn frosted health with the blades of chaos. Unlock skills with XP to gain access to new moves and abilities. Kratos and Atreus earn XP separately in combat and have their own unique skill trees. Press L2 while holding the chain to aim the Leviathan Axe at targets. Auto equip code - replace low level attachment with higher level attachments from your inventory. Affects all shield and weapon attachments. Always equips by power level first. Favors selected stat if of equal level.Unequipped gear is returned to inventory.
    Tip: runic attack gems give Kratos access to light or heavy runic attacks. They are slotted into his weapons. When equipped, a runic attack slowly gathers runic energy that can be released in a powerful attack. Attacks take time to recharge, increase the cooldown stat to speed this up. Increase the runic stat, or upgrade a gem any time to improve effectiveness.

    GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK cheat codes list:

    speed up - UOEokGkfP
    unlock skills - 1LBSM9viQ
    automatically regenerate HP - ER3elpJKm
    unlock all chests - D507n7FpJ
    activate combat boosts - 8EdxeAkcc
    secret combination - XUk16ooK1
    increase all stats - Gbn2A70oB
    unlock all armor - WqwRi1rGQ
    resources - cSNBGZdD5
    unlock all weapons - 4zeGe9eql
    unlock slots - PvPTv3Ynd
    EXP - VAyQHLt4B
    upgrade - 82fXsGc97

    GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK tips, notes

    Craft and upgrade armor, weapon attachments, and items using collected resources. VIew different shop services using the bottom navigation bar. Shops have a chest filled with lost items you may have left behind after a rigorous battle encounter.

    Yggdrasil realm seeds unlock access to new mythic gateways. Shine the light of Yggdrasil on Svartalheim.
    Tap L1 at the last second to parry an attack and apply stun.

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