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    Heroes from around the world are on a quest for fame, fortune, and shoot, some just like to blow things up. Let's get started with our first campaign battle. Tap on Whiplash to send him into battle. Hit the battle button to start the fight. When a hero's stamina bar is full, they can use their ultimate attack. Tap on whiplash to try it out. Wow, you got Pulse! She's an awesome rare hero. Let's dive into another campaign battle and see what she can do. Pulse is a ranged attacker, which basically means she can shoot things from a distance. Let's put her in the back line of your battle formation. Every time you win a battle, you'll take home some awesome rewards. Let's take out some bad guys and see if we can't win ourselves some more loot - or even a new hero.

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    Hero faction synergy: when multiple heroes of the same faction are on the same team, they gain bonus stats. Firefiles are universal, heroes from this faction count as any faction, except immortals, when deciding hero synergy. Immortals are unique, and have their own set of synergy bonuses according to the number of immortals on the team.
    Hey, you got Jun! She loves to make things go boom. Let's open your hero collection and take a look at her. Character info - this is where you make your heroes stronger. You can check their stats, level them up and upgrade gear. Tap upgrade to level Jun up and boost her stats. We're making progress! As you work your way through the campaign, you'll unlock new features and game modes. You heroes never stop adventuring. You'll still earn rewards even when you stop playing. Open the idle chest and see what's waiting for you. It's time to upgrade your heroes. Let's go back to your hero collection and put those rewards to good use.

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    Upgrading your heros' gear is a big part of making them stronger. Keep fighting through the campaign to unlock new game modes, events, and heroes.
    YiRBpwDLm - get the nova card to receive gems and other free items every day for 30 days.
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