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    Damn it, how many times have i walked by this very spot? Three? Four times? I better pray the orcs won't catch me. I hear voices ahead. Could they be adventurers exploring the forest? Let's take a look. Tap the grid to move on. Press and hold to bring up the virtual buttons. You can also tap the virtual buttons to move. Press and hold to run. A strange bag which has been left behind in the grass by the road. You have discovered some rusty gold. A yellow creature suddenly crawls out from among the shrubs and glares daggers at you. You have never seen anything like it before and find yourself at a loss. Watch out for bleed, poison and burn DMG from monsters. if they stack up over multiple turns, they will deal a scary amount of damage.

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    Bottom panel - here are the skill cards available to the current characters, each of which costs a certain amount of energy to cost. Character - here are the hero's elemental type, HP and energy. You currently have 2 energy. Try using the skill slash to attack this monster. If you are routed you'll only be able to loot a few items. Try finding your tombstone to recover some of your losses. Fire skills are stronger against nature type monsters in the gloomy forest. Try dragging heavy blade to the character. Every skill has its own unique strength. Warriors will automatically gain 1 stack of the buff after learning a specialty skill. All bosses and elite enemies have a certain amount of stun RES and cannot be consecutively stunned. Rangers have a long attack range, so they can attack the back row enemies directly. After completing a dungeon for the time, the AP cost will be returned to your team. Recruiting multiple SS warriors of the same class will make your team stronger.

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