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    As the manager it's your job to select the players, make big mid match decisions and eventually build the ultimate dream team. You're inherited a good side but they need your leadership to improve. Let's see how your team fares in this friendly match. You ar in the white kit. No need to take any action yet. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
    We have a half time lead. Time for you to take over. Let's start with a team talk. The best managers consider the situation and choose an appropriate talk style to address the team. The team's reaction isn't always predictable and can affect the 2nd half performance. For now, let's choose to encourage them and see how they respond. That's a great reaction. The team are sure to improve their performance for the 2nd half.
    Rare limited edition - special editions like these come with powerful boosts. Let's add him to our team. Drag Romero to the centre back position. Let's play our second friendly match, A win will earn us more players.

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    Upgrading your players is key to improving your squad. First select the player you want to upgrade. Now select the players to fuse into the target. These players will be removed from the team. One more win and we'll be able to play against other player teams in the big leagues. Edit your team: tactical changes could help you swing the balance of the game. You have a decent haul of coins now. Let's use them to buy a new player. New players are also available for free every few hours. You can tinker withe your team later, but for now let's head home. Now we're in the pro leagues, we're going to need a club identity.

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