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    Are you ready to begin your journey to the summit of world football? Let's get started! First, choose the control you prefer. 3 button: controls made easy for beginners. 4 button: for experienced players who require more precision. Lets start from the basics. Tap and hold T-pass button to pass through ball on a longer distance. You have taken your first step on the road to glory! Let's see what you've just unlocked. Here, in agent, you cna find more powerful players to improve your team. Drag the player card to adjust your lineup. Now, it's time to put your new squad to a test. Tap kick off. Enter career match mode to play your first match. You may choose the league you want to start from, if you change your mind, you can alter the league selection at any time during the challenge.

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    Career match screen - here is the schedule for this month. After each game, you will gain scout cards that you can use to search for players. In scout you can find more talented players according to your needs by using scout cards. You have better chances to find a more powerful player when using 3 scout cards together.
    Start building your own football culture from scratch and create your own identity by designing your team's badge, jersey, tifo or flag.
    Bring your personal touch and sign your favorite superstars amongst more than 4,000 football players available licensed by FIFPro™. Make your Dream Team come true.
    Hear the crowds and see the game coming alive while proving your team's potential in the most famous stadiums in the world.

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