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    The Cube world is peaceful as usual. The suddenly resurrected great demon king Taneras threatens the peace of Cube world. Heroes of the world summoned by cube core. Lead the heroes, restore the peace of world.
    It must be hard to be summoned all of a sudden, but i need you to take charge. We need to protect our cube core from the attack of monsters flocking from above. When the monster comes into the range, we will attack you directly. Monsters will come closer and attack cube core, so be careful. If you touch us, we attack monsters with attribute that correspond to our attribute first, so please refer to it. If you find it hard to stop a large number if enemies, use the mounting skill. It will be a great help to stop the enemy. Only one mounting skill can be mounted per hero. Fitting skill has a different way of using it, so check it carefully.

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    Mounting skills are all different in terms of touch, hold, charge shot, select, angle shot, drag. Touch, toggle is use the touch skill. Hold is hold down skill. Charge slot if hold down skill and place at right time. Select is drag the skill to the desired location. Angle shot is press and hold the skill and place at the desired timing drag adjusts the desired angle. The effects of the mounting skills are all different and have effects such as attack, obstruction, and enhancement. For more information, please check the details of the skill.
    If you get rid of the monster, jewel will be dropped with a certain probability. You can activate the power of another world by touching the screen and collecting a certain amount of jewel. When monster die, they drop the jewel. If you charge the gauge through the jewel, the forces of another world are invoked. If you fill up the gauge, you can get a higher level of power. You can gain various advantages, such as strengthening heroes with the power of another world, so gather them together. When the forces of another world are onvoked, you can choose one of the three random results to gain a beneficial effect.

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    Kill a certain amount of monster, and you'll drop the soul. Soul is automatically absorbed by random hero, and hero who gain soul cna use skill. Drag a hero who gets the soul and drop it into the field, using a lethal move. During a stage, special monsters with skills may appear. Special monsters have skills that enhance or interfere with other monsters. Eliminate enemies to gain experience and increase the level of the cube core. The level can be raised to 30. When cube core level up, you can choose from three random benefits.
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