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    People used to believe that Mameluke was just overpowering, that we stood no chance in the battle of Marengo, that Tsar and his army were evervictorious. No way! Now i have brought them to their knees to the glory of my crown. I am Napoleon! I am Emperor!
    The country is at the beginning of a war, and we need to recruit more excellent officers. Officer recruitment has two tiers, advanced and super. The higher the tier, the greater the chance to recruit high quality officers. Officers have three qualities: blue, purple and orange. More valuable rewards will be gained after recovering territory. Immediately send troops to attack the enemy camp and regain the territory. You can use the rewards obtained from the empire's offensive and defensive battles to strengthen your officers.

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    Our kingdom is in peace now. We can handle national affairs while completing epic missions to upgrade our strength quickly. The town hall is the core of the city's steady development. Let's upgrade the town hall first. Exclusive pack - use this pack to obtain the powerful officer Young Napoleon and rich resources for upgrading. Primary gift pack - the cost of buying these packs will be returned to you with an equal amount of gold coins in 4 days.
    Upgrade the building level, recruit powerful officers, research and develop core technologies, train more soldiers, stay in the corner to keep the throne, or march into a showdown, all in your mind. Famous and famous, European hegemony to seize the great historical monuments, to declare hegemony to the world! Get great rewards and powerful buffs! The road to conquest is full of difficulties, allies, strength and strategy are indispensable!

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