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    You can never be too prepared! Let's brush up on the basics of Cross edge combat! Get close to the enemy. Use a normal attack and skills to defeat the Goblins. The story contains original main, side, and extra stories. We hope you enjoy the unique world of variant showdown. Use story tickets to unlock and browse previous extra and side stories. Step one is to gather new allies and abilities. Then form a team with your new allies. Next, try to complete a set of ability cards. You can increase your team members' status this way. Now, let's try out an easy quest to give your new team a little warm-up.
    You can handle opponent as long as you know the basics. Just stay calm. use step to evade enemy attacks. Step - evade enemy attacks by moving swiftly away. Time it right and you'll trigger a timely evasion, giving you a chance to counterattack.

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    The enemy's attack are relentless. Use switch to counterattack. Switch - quickly change character and then attack. Allows you to evade enemy attacks and simultaneously counterattack. Time it right and you'll trigger a timely switch, increasing the power of your counterattack. During skill cooldown, use switch to attack with a different character. You can activate switch by canceling a normal attack or a skill. Enemy attack strategies: even seemingly invulnerable enemies have openings if you study their movement patterns. Try your assault after you've grasped these patterns. Attack timing - in battles, attack timing is key. But when there's no opening to attack, it's important to step back and observe the situation.
    Characer types: each character type comes with its own style of fighting. Try to find the arrangement that fits you best.
    Characters: Leafe (the speed junkie) - Kirito's younger sister. Skilled with a sword, she is top class even among the Sylphs. Well versed in both the sword and in magic, she brings a swift fighting style to the party.

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    If your attacks keep landing, you'll enter rush mode. Stay in rush to increase your rush value and deal exponentially more damage to the enemy.
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