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    First, summon a unit. Summoning units requires mana. Units deployed on the board will summon warriors to the fight when a new wave is starting. When you kill enemy warriors and pass out offs, you earn mana. Spend some mana now to increase mana generation at each cut off. It's more profitable to spend mana on upgrading units to increase damage. Upgrade archers and prepare for the next wave of battle. The upgrading extends to cover the warriors appearing with the next wave. Merge two characters of the same type. As you can see, the results are random. Eight heroes of the first rank have merged into one hero of the fourth rank. A warrior summoned by such a unit is string, but hits weaker than the eight warriors of the first merge rank. When merging up to the third rank, the power of the warriors is retained. From the fourth rank onwards, some power is lost, but some units summon more warriors.

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    Time to test yourself in battle agains the real enemy. Summon units and destroy the enemy tower. Upgrade your units and guardians to make your tower stronger and win more frequently. Log in to the game every day to get your free rewards. Conquer the PvP arena! Enemy defenses are strong… But you will win these TD games! The battle goes over land and air! Assemble a collection of units and use them to summon might warriors on the field! Merge and combine to make your army unstoppable and win at Tower Defense! Complete quests to gain powerful bonuses and unlock new warriors for TD games!
    Ice mage: a ranged combat warrior with medium speed. On attacking, has a chance of freezing the target.

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