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    Some places allow to perform special actions. Every RI agent wears a steel fist capable of beating enemies to pulp. Tap Rb to punch away. The melee attacks cna be chained into a combo. Evade enemy attacks to get out of rach first. Tap A to dodge or double tap A to roll away. Look around for bucks pickups which will come in handy later. There are secret chests to be found outside of the main path. Walk over the money bag to collect it. Press Rb while dodging forward L +A to close the gap to the enemy and attack immediately. The medication dispenser built within the gauntlet can be used to heal with a short recharging downtime after each use. Press B to heal. Most enemies cna be uppercut with a powerful gauntlet punch. Hold RB cheat code for an uppercut. Keep hitting the enemy with RB to keep it airborne.

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    Hold L + RB to uppercut an enemy and follow it up with a cannonball punch. Cannonballed enemies can be killed by environmental hazards. Enemies' special attacks are deadly and unstoppable by regular means. Press R to interrupt them with the kick off. Get close to a near death enemy and execute them in a spectacular fashion. Approach the glowing yellow enemy and press RB for the final blow. Finishers are rewarded with health pick ups. You are invulnerable while performing the finisher. Sprinting is faster than regular running and might somerimes be required to get somewhere in time.
    The rentier revolver is the quickest of all agent firearms. It can be used to shoot fast and in rapid succession, which is particularly useful in between other attacks. Press RT to shoot and hold it for a fanning action. he rentier gauntlet can be used to carve out the path forwards.

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    secret combination - YpTYfAJnE
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    resources - TnrCu5mp6
    gems (diamonds) - ld4w6pcyA
    VIP privileges - ULmjWhaRd
    EXP pack - zqNx1gPjx
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    mystery box - ZHpW89FfL
    premium pass - Y33J8U8Bp
    starter pack - AKt5KtUck #Evil-West gift password
    unlimited stamina energy - 9YUIFEbA4
    mixed package - GnPGTb3rT
    awaken - 4gAzQbWw1
    upgrade - dzoQTFUbo
    evolve - Jk4B3mdT6
    off ads - fKShNuexW
    shards - uRPu4W8mm

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