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    You're now looking at the Oasis' battlefield simulation system. You can use this system to command us more quickly. In order to help familiarize you with the battlefield, we've temporarily reallocated some operands to simulate powerful Dolls who haven't joined us yet to take part in the battle. Once we receive the command to start battle we will begin fighting on our own initiative. Looks like Croque is ready to activate her ultimate skill. When our Dolls move, deal, or take damage in combat, they generate a certain amount of operand overflow. This operand overflow can be converted into ultimate energy, which is shared across the entire team and stored within the ultimate gauge. Now that the gauge is full, let Croque activate her ultimate skill and deal a fatal blow to the enemy. THe orange icon on the lower right of Croque's avatar means that her ultimate skill has been unlocked. Tap to give Croque the command to release her ultimate skill.

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    You can change which Dolls will be deployed before the start of each battle. The current situation is quite pressing, so please tap to start the battle. Effect icon: functions and skills sometimes give units special effects. The corresponding effect icon will be placed above the unit's HP bar. HP bar: displays the unit's current HP. Energy bar: this bar fills up as time passes. When it's full, the unit will cast their auto skills. As a guard, Croque is more suited to playing a defensive role at the front row of our formation. On the other hand, Fresnel, who is a Sniper, has extremely high offensive capability, but also far less HP than Croque, which makes her more suited to dealing steady damage from the back row. Croque's class guard and she has high DEF and HP. SHe's suited to absorbing damage on the frontlines. Fresnel's class is Sniper and she has high ATK, but lower HP. SHe should be positioned at the back of the formation for protection.

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    Tap and place a medic doll on the overdrive tile. When the battle stars, they'll activate their healing skill and restore Croque's HP. There are Sanctifiers specialized in ranged attacks among our enemies. If we don't take them out soon, our team will be wiped out. According to our investigations, those two enemy units are known as throwers. They can lob highly damaging projectiles at our units over a relatively long distance, though their defense are fragile. However, due to the terrain, we cannot deal any meaningful damage to them. This is when you should use your tactical skills to turn the situation around. The tactical skill teleportation can instantly transport any friendly unit to a specified location on the battlefield. Just use Neural Cloud cheat code uIIu348mm.
    During battles, we will obtain a variety of function cards, which can have a very important impact on the battle. Different function cards have different applications and effects. Using the appropriate function cards to complement your current formation and situation is key to commanding a battle. You can use the function column to see the functions that you've obtained during your explorations. Tap on the function icon to see detailed information about it.
    You will get a function after every battle concludes. Read the functions' effects and choose the most suitable choice for your team. Most functions come in sets that trigger powerful effects as more of them are collected. A function card can have three different levels and the current function card's level is shown here. You can use Neural Cloud cheat codes and give function cards.
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