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    Warrior - adhering to the Knight spirit in search of one's own path of justice. balanced fighter, stable DPS ATK. Ranger - a marksman with a bow and deadly with a pair of dual dagger for high damage output. Elementalist - a seeker of truth elements, and runes capable of assisting allies or harming enemies from a distance.
    Don't be careless! New enemies have appeared up ahead. Charge forward and attack. Be careful while you evade and attack these guards! Don't let them hurt the sage. How did you let Merlin the sage into the front line! The enemies on this island are very tricky. You need to ensure Merlin's safety! The task of finding the Excalibur has no room for failure. Use your skills to fight! The sword in the stone must be in that temple up ahead.

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    Soulstone upgrades require spending both soulstone shards and mithril. Salvaging partners, equipment, and soulstones does not refund the item cost. The wilderness is full of collection and fishing spots to gather fuse materials. Use the fuse system to create items, such as equipment and potions. Clear trials to win the approval of the soulstones. Challenge continuous battles without rest. Daily order quests contain more difficult but more rewarding quests. Use refresh to make them appear. Equipment can perform the following operations: fortify, engrave, rank up, ascend, and advance. Wraith temple - knight stones lie hidden deep within the Wraith temple. Only by clearing trials can their approval be earned. If you don't know how to grow stronger, hit the Bell on the main screen to go over your options.

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