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    Look, a new island is available. Hurry up, let's activate it. Tap combine island. Grat, our territory is getting bigger again. The new tower looks awesome. Let's deploy it now. Drag the tower onto the glowing empty island. We just got stronger. Remember, the easiest way to win the battle is directly destroy enemy's castle. Plenty of coins. Let's upgrade our towers. No matter how intense the battle is, don't forget to claim your rewards. Proper relaxation will help you focus more onto the next battle. Though cannon's attack speed is slower than ballista, but it has higher attack and health points. Don't forget to upgrade new towers using cheat codes. Let's continue our journey, and find some new towers.

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    Enemy is suppressing us. Cannon has a higher defense. Drag and drop the cannon to the first row. Effective formation is the key to victory. And don't forget, completing quest will be rewarded. The farm will constantly produce coins. Coins will be automatically produced, but the reserves are limited, remember to collect them in time. The upgrade level of the tower is limited by the castle. You must upgrade the castle before you can continu to upgrade other towers.
    Captain, we have come a long way to get here, remember to download cloud saving in time! This way, even if something unexpected happens, you do not have to be afraid. You can upload clouds saving at any time. You must log into an account before you download/upload a clouds saving.
    Heroes have powerful skill bonuses, but only hero skills in battle take effect. Use the hero join battle, he will be our powerful support.

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    shards - mMyPWVMw5

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