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    Welcome to new android game. Let me teach you how to move. Drag on screen to move to the suggested point. Look! Your ally is in danger, we need to rescue him now. Drag skill button and release your finger to use the skill. There are some skills left to learn, but i will teach you later. Now let move to our new world. I'm Bella, your new teammate, My magic is ready. Tap my avatar to take me to your team. Drag me to change my starting position. You can take control of any hero by tapping on their icon. Tap treasure chest to collect your idle rewards. Idle rewards can only accumulate for a maximum of 12 hours. It's time to strengthen your team. Tap a hero to check more information. Use cheat codes to level up your hero. Or use gold, dust and exp hero.

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    Visit the tavern to recruit a new hero. Open team training with 3 Heroes in a race, over 100 Heroes from different factions with special skills, hundreds of rare pieces of equipment! Fight alongside your friends and players everywhere in a war for control of the floating continent. Travel through a variety of maps, defeating monsters along the way, challenging powerful enemies and getting all sorts of equipment and treasures!
    Rich game content: Campaign, Challenge Mode, World Boss! PvP arena, tower, guild... soon!
    Rich game content, from which it is impossible to tear yourself away!

    Hack menu - Hero Adventure cheat codes list:

    speed up - 2g6lwKrI7
    unlock skills - RwoRrA7Dp
    promote - HlGTfHdyU
    level up - LwP0gM6rF
    mastery boost - ZOBi3UrWc
    secret combination - IMKSj2aCm
    daily gift - KNEAXbqHE
    battle pass - HAnxPr1nL
    resources - CIzjNBo9a
    gems (diamonds) - fsCwJKtNn
    VIP privileges - UVhiFrb8N
    EXP pack - OSyWKIoWo
    gold coins - KZoAXjVaf
    mystery box - AJodbewNF
    premium pass - nK5K4rGe7
    starter pack - DZy7VMfjH #Hero-Adventure gift password
    unlimited stamina energy - qk2GE8T7Y
    mixed package - jmrAERpxO
    awaken - eVrySS6ux
    upgrade - on3oK6IYj
    evolve - e4QU1BbBC
    off ads - FhH1I9Pln
    shards - Ne73hGYH7

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