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    Let's learn how to play the game. You can select the game mode. This is where you can decide which map to play the game on. First of all, would you like to choose the twilight lands map? Please select the displayed map. You can check the nickname of teammate and the selected hero. Right side - here, you can check the opponents when they are ready. Now you can select your own hero to play. There are lots of cool heroes in the shop. Check out information in detail here. Note, that equipment can be mounted in the hero gallery. Before we start the game, i want to give you some information. Let me tell you about the Nexus, an important building in the game. Destroy your opponent's nexus while defending our nexus to win the game. If the camp rebuilder is not destroyed, destroyed buildings will regenerate after a set period of time.

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    Next, let me tell you about the guardian. When you defeat a guardian, the guardian will move from our side to attack the opposing Nexus. So let's go back to the starting point. Wait! I'll show you how to set up redstone items. Bottom menu - this is a quick slot to set items that cna be used during battle. Then, shall we set the item? Touch the marked position to open the redstone shop! Here, you can check and set up of potion and pet. First, you have to select an empty slot. The slot is set! Note, you can change the item in the slot to something else. Touch the X button to go back to the game. And be careful as the game doesn't stop even if you open a shop.
    Next step is activation of the slot. The number shown is the amount of redstone required to activate. Touch it when you have it enough. Once activated, you can keep using it until remove it from the slot or replace it with another item. One red stone is automatically generated every 30 seconds. You can get more red stone from killing or assisting in the battle, so let's focus.

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