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    We shall see each other soon, but i am appearing in your dream so i can teach you the basic of the battle. This will be quick and easy, so just trust and follow me. There's even a gift for you when we're done. First, i'll show you how to move. You can use the stick to move freely from left to right, top to bottom, and diagonally. However, you'll be attacking after moving towards the enemy by default, so move at your own discretion.
    Press the boss challenge button. The conditions for making an attempt to kill the stage boss depend on the stage number and the number of monster. For example, if you're in stage 27, you must kill 27 monsters in order to make an attempt at the boss.
    Now, press the Grow button. You can enhance a certain stat by pressing the button for it. It seems you have what it takes to become a great sorcerer. Now that you're grown stronger, let's take a shot at the boss one more time.

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    Now press the summon button. Try drawing the weapon 10 times. Don't be sad just because you didn't get the weapon you wanted. We all get a chance. Shall we set up some skills now? Press the skill button. Now, press the equip button. For your information, teleport is a skill provided for free. Select the skill you want to equip. See? Nothing tricky, right? Now take a look at the skill preset. Press the preset button 3 times. You can use he preset function to place the skill you wanted and switch them anytime. So always remember this, all right? Now, press the auto skill button. If you set the skill use to auto, the skill triggers automatically. Okay, we're almost done. Now select the auto boss challenge button. If you enable the auto boss challenge button, you automatically challenge the boss whenever the conditions for challenging the boss have been met. Until we meet again, i wish that the goddess of wisdom and fortune will always be with you.

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