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    Blade master - a true warrior knows neither victory nor defeat, nor fears the bravery of their enemy. Demon hunter - everyone is equal under the blade's edge. Mage - destruction is a from of creation. Boon sister - the valor of grace lies in the hearts of all.
    Valenthia was attacked by the origination church. They summoned the devil. You are unconscious under the influence of the dark magic. Royal capital in chaos. THe demonic flowers bloom. Evil forces are waiting for their chance to set in motion a feast of blood and death. Defeat the evil cult and go to the bounty hunter guild. The bounty hunter guild is the last refuge at present and can never be threatened.

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    Graceful blessing - deals 106% damage to 3 targets (monsters + 2) and restores HP equal to 50% ATK to the lowest HP ally with a 10% chance to trigger arcane (instantly deals 250% damage to 5 targets at the cost of 1% sacrificial energy; expires in 10 seconds if left unused). Spreading holiness - the healing of graceful blessing is increased by 10%. Damage enhancement - the fixed damage of wrath of the boon trees is increased by 225. Favor of the boon trees - deals 200% damage to 3 enemies and inflicts slow and gravitation on them. Meanwhile, grants dispel to all allies and summons 5 sprints at the cost of 4% sacrificial energy. In this game ,you will enjoy an excellent fighting experience and earn fabulous rewards. Fight to the top and earn the illustrious title of Dark Ancients!

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